In a recent interview with FiOS1 News, citizenship attorney, Anibal Romero, was asked about new claims in a Washington Post article that the Trump Organization allegedly stole wages from former undocumented workers.

According to Romero, who represents 38 former undocumented Trump employees who worked at Trump Golf Properties in New York and New Jersey, the Trump Organization purposefully took advantage of these workers who were not only illegally hired, but were also denied benefits and were forced to work after hours without compensation.

“This was probably part of the strategy, hire undocumented immigrants, so that not only they can pay them less money, but they can make them work over time and not have to pay them certain benefits required by state law.”

The President, who often attacked illegal immigrants while campaigning for office, has faced a backlash over his company firing these undocumented workers in January. The Trump administration denies any wrongdoing, calling the allegations “total nonsense” and “nothing more than unsubstantiated allegations from illegal immigrants who unlawfully submitted fake identification in an effort to obtain employment.”

As an experienced immigration attorney,Romero believes his clients.

“I don’t believe they’re all making this story up. This makes absolutely no sense. What we’re talking about, what my clients say, are hundreds of people who have worked for the Trump Organization over the years.”

To find out more about this issue and how deportation lawyer Anibal Romero is fighting for his clients’ rights, you can find the full interview here.

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