Throughout the Trump presidency, there have been allegations that the Trump Organization has a history of hiring undocumented workers despite the President’s harsh words against illegal immigrants. Now, ten Democratic members of Congress are requesting a formal, federal investigation into what happened at the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County, New York, and Bedminster, New Jersey.

According to CNN, several former Trump employees and undocumented workers claim their managers knew their legal status and helped them falsify documents – a claim the Trump Organization denies. Other allegations include conspiracy charges and forced and coerced labor.

In their request, lawmakers asked that victims of these alleged criminal and civil violations be protected as material witnesses and that deporting any of these individuals would be an obstruction of justice.

Immigration attorney Anibal Romero, who represents 25 workers who were undocumented during their employment at Trump’s golf clubs, welcomes the investigation.

“Many of the workers came in on valid visitors’ visas and had no problem getting a job there because management decided it was convenient for them to hire cheap labor,” Romero said.

Whether the FBI will actually investigate these allegations is up in the air, but if they do they can count on the best immigration lawyerslike Anibal Romero fiercely defending their clients throughout the process.

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