After allegations that the Trump Organization has hired illegal immigrants to work at its properties for years, the President’s company now plans to use E-Verify, a federal program to check the eligibility of a new hire to work in the United States. This comes after countless allegations of the organization employing undocumented workers throughout the years despite claims from the President during the 2016 election that his companies already used this tool. According to the Washington Post, this new promise highlights the disconnect between Trump’s comments on illegal immigrants and his own hiring practices.

Since taking office, about half of the wintertime staff at the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County, all undocumented workers, were fired from their positions. Many of these workers were employed for several years, if not decades, and there have been claims that supervisors provided them falsified documents. Several Democratic lawmakers have urged the FBI to launch a formal investigation into these allegations and to protect these undocumented workers.

Rep. Tom Malinowski (D., New Jersey) has called these workers “material witnesses,” and immigration attorney, Anibal Romero agrees. In fact, while talking to the Washington Post, Romero said the Trump Organization may have committed immigration, tax, Social Security and ERISA fraud and that “any attempt” to deport the workers “could be considered obstruction of justice.”

“We’re looking for protection,” he said, adding “any undocumented immigrant who has worked for Donald Trump and his properties could be considered a material witness in a federal case against the organization for knowingly hiring undocumented immigrants.”

While an investigation has yet to be announced, undocumented workers can count on asylum attorneys to keep fighting for their rights and their freedom.

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