CNN recently interviewed immigration attorney Anibal Romero for their investigation into undocumented immigrants at the Trump Organization. Watch Anibal Romero discuss immigration law on CNN and read the transcript below:

CNN: Moralez back in Washington today. This evening, she’s attending her former bosses, state of the Union, Democratic Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman invited her. So with me now, Victorina Morales’s  attorney, Anibal Romero, he is also representing another undocumented worker fired from the Trump National Golf Club. So Anibal, welcome to you.

Anibal Romero: Thank you. Thank you for having me.

CNN: So you’ll be going with her tonight to the house to hear the speech. Can you just begin with what has Victoriana alleged, how she was treated?

Anibal Romero: Sure.

CNN: Any specifics?

Anibal Romero: So she was there for about five years and what she is saying is that her supervisor physically assaulted her, threatened her constantly with deportation. She complained to the management at the highest level. The general manager of the golf club, nothing was done and something that’s very important, apparently the picture of her green card was taken inside of the club and then one of the drivers drove her to a nearby town to pick up these fake documents, documents that, we have handed over to state authorities and this is the environment until she said enough is enough.

CNN: What you’re alleging, that second piece of that, that would be a federal crime if true. And I want to tell you what obviously the Trump organization is saying, but does she have proof? I mean, what you’re alleging is that the Trump organization knew she had no papers and that they helped fake them for her?

Anibal Romero: Yes. So we have met with state investigators. I have sat down with the FBI. She is willing to continue to cooperate with authorities.

CNN: Does she have proof?

Anibal Romero: She has proof, she has the documents, she has her testimony. And this is what’s important here, Victorina Morales is not the only person who says that this happened. We have Sandra Diaz, she also said that this was part of the environment there, that workers came in, documents were provided by people from inside. And at this point, I am now representing 25 workers in four different cities in the United States. And what these workers are telling me is that during the season, the golf season and the northeast apparently ends. I’m not a golfer, sorry, but it ends in November. And what they were telling me is that each club, half of the staff at each club was undocumented.

CNN: So this is what the club is denying those allegations, they say the former employees provided their own false paperwork and a statement to CNN Trump Organization when institute quote eVerify and all applicable properties and we’ll continue to take swift and appropriate action where necessary. Still you say so she has proof, not only in her false papers but the process of how she obtained her false papers.

Anibal Romero: And she has explained to authorities how this occurred. She will continue to cooperate and look with regards to that statement, I want to say one thing. If this was one or two employees in a major corporation, well maybe you would think, okay maybe a couple of them were able to get false documents, but we are talking about a golf club with 100 employees, no more and apparently half of them were undocumented. Each club, now we see that there are five clubs. So now we see a pattern and practice here, and that is why we are calling for a federal complete and thorough investigation of federal authorities. This is a criminal conspiracy.

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