The immigration process in the United States can be overwhelming. Attorney Anibal Romero and his team are here to facilitate this process and accompany you on the road toward legal immigration status.

Excellence in Our Service

Almost a decade ago, The Romero Firm was founded with the vision of guiding and representing the community. Under the direction of Attorney Anibal Romero, our firm has successfully managed thousands of cases of clients across the country. Each year, we strategically expand in order to provide services in the geographical locations where we are needed.

Our Practice Areas

We specialize in various areas of the immigration process as well family law, criminal  law and other legal fields. The attorneys at The Romero Firm can help you find a solution in a professional, honest and effective way regarding:

Green Card

We can provide assistance through the entire process of becoming a resident of the United States.

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Civil Rights / Discrimination

We will protect your constitutional rights to be free from discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual preference, race or ethnicity.

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Applying to be a permanent citizen of the United States can be complicated, we can guide you.

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Removal / Deportation

If you were summoned for a hearing on your state in the country, we can defend your case.

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Work Permit

To avoid the repercussions of working illegally in the United States, we can help you obtain a work permit.  

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Family Court

The laws and culture within the United States may be different from what you have been used to. The Romero Firm can help you avoid complications when you present your case before U.S. courts in cases of:

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Our firm is well equipped to find the best way to help people seeking defensive and affirmative asylums.

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Family Petitions

The Romero Firm will guide you through the long and complicated application process to reunite you with your loved ones.

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One with the community

Attorney Romero’s firm began as an effort to help families adjust to life and gain status in the United States. New laws may be difficult to understand, but our team can help you throughout different processes. Our clients can rely on the assurance that The Romero Firm provides personalized, professional service and above all with the honesty that our clients and their families deserve.

Always with the People

Our firm has grown beyond the tri-state area as we continue to open new offices throughout the country and help more families in need. Our commitment is maintained in professionalism, experience and integrity.

Do you need to resolve your legal status or that of your family?

Do you reside in the United States and have not yet solved your immigration status?
Do you have a relative you want to bring to this country?

Do you have inquiries about other legal issues?

We have answers to your questions.

Contact our offices today to schedule a free consultation.

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No hay un video en viví hoy??

Que bueno que asistieron muchas familia lías abogado

Muchas garcais por su apoyo

Feliz viaje Abogado Romeo

Good bless you!!!

Con Dios!

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Claro no tenemos que callar . Hay que tener valor trump solo habla pero nosotros tenemos que tener valor no dejes que los demás hagan las cosa por nosotros!!!

Buenas Noche abogado Romero Que dios los ven digue Siempre

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Congratulations Abogado Romero!! For her big work !

Asi se habla. Diosito les ayude

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De nada sirve ese viejo no nos quiere a los migrantes a mi me tiene con depresión eso con migración



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